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  Document Signers   Folding Machines   Perforator / Score Machines
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Expert sales and service of paper processing machines nationwide and in Canada. Since 1987. 

Fold & Stuff Envelopes

Sealers and Tabbers

Paper Folding Machines


Fold & Stuff Envelopes


Pressure Sealers

Paper folding machines for small to 14 x 20 inch paper. Manual or auto setup. Air (vacuum) feed available.


Folder-Inserters collate, fold, and insert paper into an envelope and seal it. Many models available. On-site setup and training included.


Pressure Sealers fold pressure sensitive forms into self mailers.  Very private and much cheaper than envelopes.

  Letter Openers   Cut, Trim and Score

Tabbing Machines

     Envelope Openers   Cut, Trim and Score

Tabbers put small tabs on folded paper to make a self-mailer. New postal rules have affected their use.


Envelope Openers save time, money and cut fingers for those that receive a lot of mail. Many different models.


Paper Cutters and Trimmers. Business card & CD insert Slitters.Perforators and scoring machines.Creasers.


Booklets & Collators


BookletMakers & Collators

Tape and Coil Binders

Shredders of all sizes and capabilities up to industrial. We also carry Shredder Accessories and supplies.

Bookletmakers create center-stapled booklets. Collators combine pages to create sets and can automate the bookletmaking process.

Binders create booklets with wire coil or adhesive tape spines. Tape binders also make pads and tablets of paper.

Bursters & Decollators

 Auto Document Signers
 Paper Drills and Punches
Bursters & DecollatorsDocument Signers Paper Drills & Punches

Bursters separate continuous forms. 

Decollators separate multi-page forms.

Document Signers automatically sign checks and other documents. Paper Drills and Paper Punches drill or punch holes in paper.

We provide professional advice and service for machines that mail, fold, cut or otherwise process paper. Some of these machines are complicated.  We talk with you about your jobs in depth to make sure you get the right machine for your job and then help you with any issues in operation.

All products have a manufacturers warranty.  We also offer service options, including onsite setup and training, and have available on-site service anywhere in the United States and much of Canada for many machines.

If you would like help before or after purchasing a machine, call us to talk with a pro.  We are there for you before and after the sale.  Since 1987.

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