Manual to fully automatic

Collators are crucial to anyone having to pull together numerous sheets of paper into one document.

We have desktop models as well as units that can be attached to other components to facilitate paper processing.


The 6-sheet manual model works great for small jobs.  The Collator Systems are modular units and usable with other accessories and machines.

Please call us if you are interested in a manual or fully automatic collator. 

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Premier CL6 6-Sheet Collator
Retail: $146.51
Price: $95.00
Availability: In Stock
Premier Item #: Premier-CL6 -

    A tabletop manual collator offering a quick and easy way to collate. Simply pull the lever handle to create collated sets of up to 6 sheets. Each bin holds up to 100 letter, legal, or A4 size sheets.Requires no set-up, adjustment or electricity. Not recommended for collating existing multi-part forms or stapled sets.

    Standard QC-S30 Collator System
    Retail: $6,975.00
    Price: $6,700.00
    Availability: In Stock
    Standard Item #: Standard-QC-S30 -

      The QC-S30 Collator can grow from a 10 bin up to to a 30 bin station as your requirements expand. Each tower holds 10 bins, and each bin will hold 200+ sheets of 20 lb bond.It can collate paper weights from 14 lb bond to 67 lb index and can accept NCR and some coated stocks. The QC-S30 can collate up to 3900 sets per hour of 5 sheets of 8.5" x 11" and up to 2100 sets/hr of 11" x 17".Stacker capability includes straight and offset. It is a friction-feed, tabletop collator system that will...

      Standard QC-S300 Collator System
      Retail: $8,250.00
      Price: $7,920.00
      Availability: In Stock
      Standard Item #: Standard-QC-S300 -

        The QC-S300 Collator is a more sophisticated version of the S30. It is a speedy tabletop friction-feed collator able to inset tab sheets as well as grow from a 10-bin to a 30-bin collator with accessories.The QC-S300 Collator System is designed to be modular so that other components can be added: trimmer, stapler/folder, bookletmaker. QC-S300 Collator has a color touch-screen operating panel and programming features. This tabletop friction-feed collator can collate up to 3900 sets in an...