The Formax FD 8902CC Industrial Conveyor Shredder is a high-capacity conveyor-fed cross-cut shredder designed for large volume shredding in a central location. It offers fully automated features for ease of use, and can shred stacks of computer forms, cardboard, CD's, magnetic disks, and entire files up to 650 sheets at a time, up to speeds of 35 feet per minute.

The heat-treated solid-steel cutting blades are lubricated automatically with the standard Even-FlowtmAutomatic Oiling System, and the shredding blades can be customized* to meet your specific needs. Front access metal waste bin on casters allow the shredder to be placed against a wall to minimize its space requirements.

An optional rear conveyor belt transports the shredded material for collection in an external waste bin. 

Delivery Requirements: Customer-supplied fork lift is required for installation


Cutting Style: Cross Cut *

Shred Size: 5/16”x 1 1/2”- 3”

Sheet Capacity: Up to 650 sheets **

Speed: Up to 35 fpm

Feed Opening: 21”

Dimensions: 47”W x 81”L x 63”H
w/Conveyor Belt:   47”W x 125.5”L x 63”H

Bin Capacity: 102 gal. bin

Weight: 1,984 lbs.

Security Level: Level 2

Power Supply: Three-phase, 220V, 50/60 Hz, 50 Amp dedicated line required, CS8365 plug included,

CS8369 receptacle required

* Customized shredding blades available for special purposes, sizes and applications. 
** 650-sheet capacity based on 220V, 3-phase power. Sheet capacity may vary due to variations in paper and power supply.

Three-phase power is required, as well as a customer-supplied fork lift for installation.


Lifetime Limited Warranty on cutting head 
1-Year Warranty on all other parts