• 2 machine right angle folding system with conveyor
  • One pass
  • Air feed can handle glossy stock
  • Very fast
  • Fold up to 14 x 20 inch paper
  • Fold in thirds or half both ways
  • Includes on-site setup and training
Item #: Baum714XLT-8-Page
Availability: Built when ordered - 35-45 days
Price: CALL

    One-pass right angle folds performed by 2 air-feed folding machines combined by a conveyor. It can fold up to 65# cover including glossy paper and it has a 350 sheet hopper. It is very fast.

    The Baum 714XLT is connected to the Baum 714XLT 8 page air feed machine to create a 2 machine system that can perform a right angle or cross fold (fold once in half or thirds, then fold in half or thirds from the side) in one pass. This along with the PaperFolder Cross Fold System are the only machines that can perform a right angle (Cross) fold in one pass.

    This Baum combination is an air feed folding system that can handle very high volume and glossy stock. It is typically used to create a folded brochure, calendar or a self mailer. It will fold the paper the long way, in half or thirds, and then fold the folded sheet in half or thirds from the side. So for example, you can fold a piece of 11 x 17 inch paper into a piece 8.5 x 3.75 (trifold) or 8.5 x 5.5 inches (half fold), then fold that from the side in half or thirds. (Note: The PaperFolder system can cross fold paper into many other and smaller folds, and then fold into half or thirds because the first folding machine has 4 fold plates rather than 2.)

    Microadjustment knobs are used to fine-tune the stopper position, making crisp and accurate folds every time. It also has multiple air adjustments for feed consistency across paper types. The Baum system can handle a wide variety of paper sizes and weights, including glossy and coated papers. It is designed by the manufacturer to process up to 500,000 sheets per month. An optional perforator/scorer available.

    Please call if you have questions 800-520-6008.

    Made in U.S.A.

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