• Up to 80,000 per month
  • up to 7 feed stations plus envelope
  • Paper Size 3.5" x 5" to 9" x 14"
  • Bar code, glossy, & large feeder options
  • Up to 10 pcs per envelope (6" x 9.5")
Photos of the folds performed by the Formax FD 6606 Folder/envelope inserter

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Item #: Formax-6606
Availability: Please call for help with selection
Price: $36,500.00

    The Formax 6606 Series folder inserter can be adapted to almost any folding and inserting application. It is rated to fold and insert up to 80,000 pieces per month at a speed of up to 4300 pieces per hour. Two to seven station models are available to meet your particular folding and envelope inserting needs. The new reversible Touchscreen features full color graphics, and the large vertical output stacker which can hold up to 500 filled envelopes. They also have a diverter: double document or incomplete sets are diverted without any interruption in operation. The optional production feeder holds up to 375 reply mail envelopes or up to 1,200 sheets of paper. This feature increases hopper capacity and reduces loading time of this folder inserter.

    The 6606 models are folder inserter machines that allow for processing forms of various lengths and thickness all at the same time. The exclusive AutoSetTM feature makes processing forms easy, automatically setting the paper length, paper thickness, fold type, envelope size and double document detection.

    The 6606 can hold 325 sheets of paper in each of the sheet feeders (which can be refilled while operating), and 500 envelopes.

    Options include a Thin Booklet feeder, production feeders for sheets or business reply envelopes, high capacity envelope hopper (up to 1000), and output conveyor (up to 1000), Optical Mark Recognition, and more.

    Prices on these models start at $36,500.

    The Right Envelope

    These machines normally use a #10 standard commercial envelope with rounded-corner flaps that form a V shape. Envelopes with other kinds of flaps will not work. If you need to change the envelope, we can recommend a low-cost supplier.

    Order process, Warranty, Setup and Delivery

    When you place an order for a FD6606, we want to make sure that your jobs and the stock you use can be handled by the machine. We discuss your process in detail, make any necessary recommendations, and have you send samples of your jobs to the manufacturer. They are tested upon receipt. When approved, Formax will send you a written guarantee that the tested materials work in the machine.

    Upon payment, the FD6606 folder / inserter is sent from the factory. It normally arrives within 10-15 business days. It comes with a 90 day on-site warranty, which includes setup and training by a technician from your local area. If you have a problem during the warranty period, your local technician must be on-site within 24 hours of your call. All parts and labor are covered.

    On-Site Maintenance Agreement

    You can also purchase an annual on-site maintenance agreement that works the same way. All non-consumable parts and labor are covered, and 2 general maintenance visits per year are included. The annual cost of the agreement starts at $3650 for the base model, the 6606-Standard 2.


    If you have been in business for at least 2 years, you have the option of leasing the machine for a period of 2 to 5 years. Fair Market Value and Dollar Buyout leases are available, meaning you can buy the machine at the end of the lease for its fair market value or for $1 respectively. Approval can usually be done very quickly, normally over the phone. Please call for a quote.

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    Note: The video shows the FD6604, which is identical with the exception of the new Touchscreen Graphic Interface.

    Feeder Hopper Capacity:
    Up to 325 sheets, 20# paper (each feeder)
    Envelope Hopper Capacity:Up to 500 envelopes, top-loading
    Vertical Output Stacker:Up to 500 filled envelopes, reverse stacking output
    Production Feeder (optional):
    1,200 sheets/325 BREs each, can install up to two
    Side Exit Tray (optional):
    Up to 500 filled envelopes
    Speed:Up to 4,300 pieces per hour, #10 envelopes
    Duty Cycle:
    Up to 80,000 pieces per month
    Paper Size:
    3.5" - 14"L x 5" - 9"W
    Envelope Size:
    5.5" - 9.8"W x 3.5" - 6.4"H
    Dimensions:63"L x 36"H x 18"D (six-station models)
    Weight:Approx. 308 lbs. (six-station)
    Voltage:100 Volts AC 50/60Hz
    Safety Certifications:
    UL, CE approoved