• Continuous form burster
  • Forms size 2.375"-16" W x 2.75"-12"L (slitting) 
  • Up to 2.375"-14.5"W x 2.75"-12"L (non-slitting)
  • Up to 4 part forms
  • Variable speed 
Item #: Formax-FD550
Availability: In Stock
Price: $10,650.00

    The Formax-FD550 is a low-volume burster series offers industrial quality at an economical price. Virtually all of the standard features offered in the higher end models are available to meet any need or application. Includes safety interlocks and conveyor. 

    Paper weight: 100 lb. total, up to 4 parts (none exceeding 60 lb. tag stock).

    Variable Speed of 0-200 feet/minute. Forms size 2.375"-16" W x 2.75"-12"L (slitting) and 2.375"-14.5"W x 2.75"-12"L (non-slitting).

    The Low-Volume Burster Series can be used up to five hours per day, five days a week.