• Continuous form burster
  • Up to 500 feet/min
  • Slits, separates, stacks
  • Up to 8 part forms
Item #: Formax-FD676
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Price: $22,695.00

    The High volume FD 676 Continuous Forms Burster is capable of running non-stop all day, 7 days a week. It can handle up to 500 forms per minute, up to 17" in length and as small as 2.375" in width. Forms can be up to 8 parts each with paper weights of up to 140 pound card stock.

    This model comes equipped with tractor feed with a full-sized cabinet. It is 58" in length and 41" wide. The cabinet features heavy duty casters, allowing the 428 pound machine to be easily moved to other locations.

    There are a number of options, including a static eliminator, optional merger, and photo cell counter. Other options include imprinting, including crash imprinting.

    This high volume industrial burster is designed to process large bursting jobs at speeds up to 500 feet per minute while slitting, separating and stacking the forms.