• On-line folder for HP PageWideXL 4000, 4500 & 5000 printers
  • Automatic feed
  • Fanfold only on 500; fanfold and cross fold on 500x
  • Speed from 3 to 9 meters per minute depending upon printer
  • Document width: 297mm to 915mm or 11" to 36"
  • Document length: Min 420mm; 17"; Max - 5m/202" (500x); 4m/158" (500)
  • Paper weight:70-90 g/m2 or 20-24 lb bond
Item #: GF/500
Availability: 10-14 days
Price: CALL
    GeraFold 500 Models:

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    GeraFold 500 & 500x On-Line Folders for the HP PageWideXL 4000, 4500 & 5000 printers

      Full on-line System

      GeraFold 500 is specifically designed to operate with certain HP PageWide XL printers as an integrated system. The selection of a complete folded job can be handled from the HP SmartStream software, the printer touch screen, or the driver and the scanner. It is easy to operate and maintain.

      Unique Gera Compact Technology

      This is a very compact, space saving combination. It does not require a bridge to handle the different speeds of the printer vs. the folder. This unique design offers a great advantage in terms of space and investment.

      High volume operations

      GeraFold 500 combined with aHP Page Wide XL printer is productive, precise and smooth in operation. The synchronized folding process is handled while printing. It is a very reliable system even for very large jobs.

      Additional features

      • Patented dry system to allow immediate folding of high density ink prints· Large capacity of folded output
      • Off-line folding capability (GeraFold 500XS/500X)
      • Front Stacker to collect unfolded documents
      • Unlimited fan folding length (option)
      • Panel & margin adjustment by 0,1 mm through touch screen
      • 12 month Gera warranty

      Setup and Service

      The PaperFolder Co. can coordinate the setup of your printer and folder with your HP printer dealer or after it has been installed. We have nationwide service in the U.S. and some parts of Canada. Call us for detail on your situation.