• Accepts 6" stack
  • Up to 290 envelopes/min
  • Adjustable for envelope size
  • Automatic feeding of envelopes
Item #: MartinYale-62001
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    For high-speed processing of large mail volumes, this model automatically feeds, opens, and collects a stack of envelopes. Operates at a speed of up to 17,500 envelopes/hour, and opens envelopes up to 1/4" thick.

    Accepts a 6" tall stack of envelopes. Adjustable width to accommodate different envelope sizes and types, and comes with removable receiving tray. Ideal for large businesses and mailrooms. This desktop unit weighs 41 pounds.

    17,500 envelopes per hour
    Envelope thickness:
    Up to 1/4"or .006 cm
    Height of envelope stack:   
    Up to 6" or 15.2 cm
    Automatic paper feed:
    Cut width:
    1/32" to 3/16" or .00079 cm to .0047 cm
    Dimensions:35.5"W x 10.63"D x 12.13"H or .90 x .27 x .31 cm
    Weight:41 lbs. or 18.60 Kg