• Automatic Programmable floor model cutter
  • Touch screen set up 
  • 99 job memory
  • 24" Cutting Width
  • 3.9" Cutting Height
Item #: Standard-APC-M61IISB
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Price: $27,300.00

    The Horizon APC-M51llSB Programmable Paper Cutter will cut paper up to 24" wide and a stack to 3.9". It uses a 5" icon-based touch screen to provide all the settings for automated setup. The work table eliminates paper marking while providing a friction-free surface for lift travel. The lift is positioned by a high-performance back gauge screw and linear raceway.

    A two-speed motor system positions the back gauge to ensure maximum cutting accuracy. The job memory will hold 99 jobs with 99 steps for each job. Safety feature requires that both hands hold down buttons when cutting. These are complex machines, so we like to thoroughly discuss your needs before ordering. Please call 800-520-6008.

    See the brochure for more details.

    Dimensions (D x W x H)   57.9"D x 42.5"W x 62.1"H
    Shipping weight   1576 lbs.
    Type  Electric Operation
    Cutting Width    24"
    Cutting Height    3.93"
    Power Supply  3-phase 220V, 50/60 Hz