• Automatic Programmable Floor Model Paper Cutter
  • Holds 30 jobs in memory
  • 17.7" Cutting Width
  • 2.3" Cutting Height
Item #: Standard-APC-450
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Price: $13,550.00
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    The APC-45 Electric Paper cutter uses an automatic clamp to hold down the entire width of paper to ensure an accurate cut to a maximum width of 17.7" and height of 2.3". It can perform bleed trims on stock sizes up to 12"x18" as well. This model holds 30 programs of up to 99 steps each and has a cut cycle speed of 8 seconds.

    It is a floor unit, but compact in size, approximately 30x34x60. The most prominent safety feature is that it requires simultaneous two-hand operation for cutting. If one of the cut button controls is released, then the operation ceases and returns to starting position.

    There is a removable on/off security key to ensure only authorized use, as well as safety beam protection. Please see brochure for more information. These are complex machines, so we like to thoroughly discuss your needs before ordering. Please call 800-520-6008.


    Dimensions (D x W x H)   34.7"D x 30.4"W x 59.5"H
    Shipping weight    662 lbs.
    Type  Electric Operation
    Cutting Width    17.7"
    Cutting Height    2.3"
    Power Supply  115V, 60Hz