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Intelli-Fold DF-302C Large Format Paper Folding Machine -
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Item #: Intelli-Fold-DF-302C -

    Heavy duty, manual setup folding machine. Folds 13# bond to 66# index paper up to 11.8" x 17.7". 500 sheet hopper.The Intelli-Fold DF-302C is a versatile large format paper folder capable of folding paper from 2.36" x 2.76" to 11.82" x 17.73". It can handle up to 6 different folds. The guides and folding plates are easy to access and adjust. The hopper can hold up to 500 sheets and a convenient exit conveyor tray keeps everything neat and organized. A variable speed dial lets you run the motor...

    Intelli-Fold DF-304C Multi-Purpose Paper Folding Machine -
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    Item #: Intelli-Fold-DF-304C -

      Heavy duty Specialty folding machine. Folds paper into very small sizes in one direction. 500 sheet hopper. The Intelli-Fold DF-304C is a specialized machine to create very small folds. It uses 4 fold plates rather than 2. This allows the machine to make all of the folds a regular machine can make plus many more. See the chart below. Folds 7 through 16 are made using 4 plates. It was designed for the pharmaceutical industry, but can be used by companies that need to fold paper very small to...