Folder-Inserter Machines

  Machines that fold & stuff envelopes

Want to save time and money?  Call us to help you select the right folder inserter for your needs. We will review your requirements, recommend a machine, and give you the best deal.  We sell a lot of these machines. 

The PaperFolder Co. has specialized in folder-inserters, (also known as envelope stuffers or mail inserters) for years. Folder-inserter machines collate and fold paper and then insert it into an envelope.

We carry the Formax line with models that can put 1 to 50 pieces into a mail envelope and seal it.  There are many capabilities and options, including software and hardware to put sets into the right envelope.

Formax folder inserters are reliable, sturdy machines backed up by a national service company that has local service everywhere in the United States. All folder-inserter machines are installed on site by one of their local technicians. They also provide your staff with training and come with a 90 day on-site warranty. Annual on-site service agreements are available.

To learn how these envelope stuffer machines work, see our Anatomy of a Folder - Inserter.

To see a chart of the different model capabilities and specs, see Selecting the Right Folder - Inserter

Please call us to get the right machine for you and the best deal.

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Formax FD 6102 Folder/envelope inserter
Retail: $4,995.00
Price: $4,495.50
Availability: In Stock
Formax Item #: Formax-6102 -

    The FD 6102 is a low volume folder / envelope inserter that is small, quiet and very easy to use. In automatic mode, you can fold and insert one sheet of paper from each of the 2 feeders, along with a reply card, envelope or folded brochure from the insert feeder. You can also just fold paper without inserting. You can have it seal the envelope in the process or not.  It is your choice.You can use either a #10 commercial envelope (tri-folded letter size or double-folded legal size) or a...

    Formax FD 6204 Folder/envelope inserter
    Price: $9,195.00
    Availability: In Stock
    Formax Item #: Formax-6204 -

      The Formax FD6204 Folder/Inserter has a new color screen and updated exterior styling (2012).   It is rated to process up to 15,000 mail envelopes per month at speeds up to 2200 pieces per hour. There are 4 models in the 6204 Series folder / envelope machines. All models automatically fold and insert paper into an envelope, and optionally seal the envelope. You can take up to 3 sheets from a feeder and insert a maximum of 5 pieces into an envelope.  The sheet feeders handle...

      Formax FD 6206 Folder/envelope inserter
      Price: $11,650.00
      Availability: In Stock
      Formax Item #: Formax-6206 -

        The Formax 6206 Folder/Inserter is completely new, with capabilities not equaled by other machines for the price.  It is rated to process up to 20,000 mail envelopes per month at speeds up to 2400 pieces per hour.   The best new options include a much larger BRE/Insert feeder, allowing you to put in up to 250 reply envelopes.  The new output stacker keeps them in the input order.There are 4 models in the 6206 Series folder / envelope machines. All models automatically...

        Formax FD 6304 Folder/envelope inserter
        Price: $20,155.00
        Availability: In Stock
        Formax Item #: Formax-6304 -

          The new 6304 Series Inserters have 3 feed stations in a variety of configurations. Standard feeders accommodate up to 325 sheets each, and the vertical output stacker, now standard, holds 500 filled envelopes. It is quiet and easy to use. For increased productivity, High-Capacity configurations are available, which include a Document Feeder that holds up to 725 sheets, and/or a Production Feeder, with a capacity of up to 325 BREs or short inserts. It has a full-color touchscreen...

          Formax FD 6404 Folder/envelope inserter
          Price: $25,595.00
          Availability: In Stock
          Formax Item #: Formax-6404 -

            The versatile Formax 6404 Series Folder Inserter adapts to most any folding and inserting application. Models are available with 2 - 6 stations, offering the flexibility to meet your specific needs. A variety of input configurations include a high-capacity document feeder for up to 725 sheets, 1 or 2 high-capacity production feeders, standard and special feeders, and short feed trays. The 6404 Series is capable of folding and inserting top, middle and bottom-address documents into top-flap...

            Formax FD 6606 Folder/envelope inserter
            Price: $36,500.00
            Availability: In Stock
            Formax Item #: Formax-6606 -

              New for 2014, the 6606 Series folder inserter can be adapted to almost any folding and inserting application. It is rated to fold and insert up to 80,000 pieces per month at a speed of up to 4300 pieces per hour. Two to seven station models are available to meet your particular folding and envelope inserting needs.  The new reversible Touchscreen features full color graphics, and the large vertical output stacker which can hold up to 500 filled envelopes. They also have a...

              Formax FD 7102/7102XT Folder/envelope inserter
              Price: $46,995.00
              Availability: In Stock
              Formax Item #: Formax-7102/7102XT -

                The highly adaptable 7102 Series Inserters create professional, high-quality mail pieces in minutes, saving both time and money.  It is a very heavy duty machine with a duty cycle of up to 150,000 per month, 180,000 with the XT model.  It is the toughest machine we carry.The modular design supports a wide range of mailing applications, accommodates a large variety of envelope sizes and processes forms with top, middle and bottom address positions. With 3 standard and 3...

                Formax FD 7200 Folder/envelope inserter
                Price: $51,295.00
                Availability: In Stock
                Formax Item #: Formax-7200 -

                  The Formax 7200 Series Inserters take flexibility and productivity to new heights. Whether you need to insert a 50-page document, a glossy booklet up to 6mm thick, or anything in between, this system can meet the challenge. Its modular design offering up to 11 feed stations, with high-capacity feeders, and a standard capacity of up to 2,000 sheets. The top-loading envelope hopper holds up to 800 #10 envelopes or 500 flats, in landscape orientation. Inserting into landscape flats offers higher...