• Air Feed
  • Heavy volume
  • 350 sheet hopper
  • Paper Size 3.5" x 5 to 14" x 20"
  • Handle glossy? yes
  • Very Fast
  • 3 year limited parts warranty
Photo of 7 folds of air feed folder
Item #: Baum-714XLT
Availability: Built when ordered - 4-6 week lead time
Price: $9,550.00
You Save: $650.00 (6.4%)

    Heavy duty, manual setup, air feed folding machine. Folds up to 65# cover stock up to 14" x 20". 350 sheet hopper. With optional stand. See brochure for complete details.

    The Baum 714XLT Ultrafold high-speed document folder is a refined and capable high-volume desktop folding machine. It handles nearly any type of paper from 3" x 5" to 14" x 20" in size and up to 65# cover stock at speeds up to 35,000 forms per hour.

    This machine WILL process most coated and glossy paper. The bottom feed air system on the 714XLT allows for continuous loading of forms while the extended output stacker collects more folded documents. Automatic roller tensioning compensates for different paper thickness increasing fold roller life and decreasing setup time.

    A chart for seven common fold settings is located on the out-feed stacker for easy setup. Microadjustment knobs are used to fine-tune the stopper position making crisp and accurate folds every time.

    This Baum folding machine can handle a wide variety of paper sizes and weights, including glossy and coated papers. It is designed by the manufacturer to process up to 500,000 sheets per month. It can be combined with the XLT *8-Page to perform cross folds in one pass. Optional perforator/scorer available.

    Price includes On-site Installation and training. Optional Annual Service Contract available. Please call if you have questions 800-520-6008.

    Read the Baum 714XLT Autofolder Operating Manual

    For complete information and detailed specifications, see the BROCHURE.