Booklet makers allow you to create small booklets from unfolded sheets of paper. There are 2 types: (i) Manual feed booklet makers into which you place the pages by hand, and (ii) Booklet makers that can be paired with a collator to automatically insert the pages into the machine.

The least expensive and most basic booklet maker is the MBM Booklet Maker Jr. You manually place up to 10 pages in the machine, and then rotate the lever one way to staple the booklet and then the other way to fold it.

Automatic booklet makers allow you to create a fully automatic booklet making system when combined with a collator, a device that collates and feeds the booklets. You print each page of the booklet separately and put it into its own feeder.

If you are interested in a fully automatic booklet maker, please call us at 800-520-6008.

Booklet Makers