• Heavy volume
  • 500 sheet hopper
  • Paper Size 3.5" x 5" to 11" x 17"
  • Handle glossy? YES
  • CALL or EMAIL us to talk about your paper before purchase
Photo of folds of DE-42FC large format paper folding machine
Item #: Dynafold-DE-42FC
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    Heavy duty, manual setup folding machine. Folds up to 11" x17" paper (even most glossy) up to 90 lb. bond weight. 500 sheet hopper.

    The DE-42FC is one of the most flexible folding machines on the market. It is designed for a greater range of size and thickness of paper than most folding machines. It can handle Tag, Vellum and other heavy papers up to 90# bond in weight and paper from very small up to 11" x 17" in size.

    The DE-42FC can also handle some glossy or coated paper, unlike almost all other folding machines. We have successfully tested it on 100# Hammermill color-copy-gloss laser/copy paper. This capability is generally only available on very expensive air-feed machines. It can do this because of the unique 2 wheel feed mechanism that is not found on any other folding machine.

    Note that it will not work on Hammermill 60# Color Copy Cover or heavier cover stock. If you have unusual paper, we recommend that you send in samples for testing if you want to be sure.

    The DE-42FC is a manual setup machine but is easier to set up than most. You pinch and move the fold stops in one movement rather than loosen a knob, move the stop, and then tighten the knob as on most manual setup machines. It has a micro-adjustment knob for precision folds. It has an easy to use skew adjustment.

    Other ease of use features include a counter, test button (folds 1 sheet and stops), and warning lights for various errors. It has a very clear and easy to read guide for folds on the machine and directions on correcting skew. The DynaFold DE-42FC has a conveyor output for neatly stacked folded sheets.

    With its capabilities, ease of use and low price, the DE-42C folding machine is a great addition to a print shop or busy office with varying folding needs.

    It CAN handle most coated/glossy paper.

    It CAN perform a cross fold.

    UL CSA & FCC approved

    Dimensions 24" W x 24"H x 18" D
    Shipping weight 71 lbs
    Fold Types C (letter), V, Z, Double Parallel, Gate and Engineering (Fold out), cross fold on 2nd pass
    Speed Up to 15,000 single folds per hour
    Paper size 3.5" x 5" to 11" x 17"
    Paper weight 60 - 120 gsm (80# text) If, glossy or thick, testing recommended
    Sheet capacity 500 sheets of 20# bond
    Power supply 120 V, 60 Hz UL approved