Financing PaperFolder Machines

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Financing your purchase from the PaperFolder Co. is available for:

  • Companies, including startups
  • Schools
  • Government offices
  • Organizations, including churches and other organizations, whether profit or non-profit

Filling out an application literally takes minutes as shown below. You will receive an immediate response from a number of financial companies with actual pricing.

You can start this process with or without a quote. However, we recommend getting a quote first. You will need it to complete the application.

Here is the process:

1. Fill out some basic information on a form like this:

2. Add details on this form, then click to continue

3. Within a minute or so, you will see your pre-qualified offers based upon the info you have provided. This is an example of an application in the amount of $5,000. Rates vary by amount, time in business (if applicable) and credit history.

4. To continue, click on the option you want, Agree, then sign and enter your title and submit. You will receive a response like this immediately and a call from the lease specialist within a business hour. They will ask for some other documents which will probably include:

  • Copy of the quote for the machine
  • Tax Returns
  • Personal ID
  • Bank Statements

That's it! The whole process can take less than 24 hours.