Formax FD 320 Large format paper folding machine -
  • Medium volume
  • 250 sheet hopper
  • Paper Size 3.125" x 4" to 11.75" x 18"
  • Handle glossy? No
Photo of folds performed by Formax FD 320 large format paper folding machine
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    Medium duty, manual setup folding machine. Folds 16 - 28# bond paper up to 11" x 18". 250 sheet hopper.

    The Formax FD 322 is a very versatile large-format folding machine. It folds small to very large paper in 4 types of folds. It is sturdy and reliable, has high capacity and is relatively quiet. It has a high impact plastic case and a heavy-duty steel frame.

    The FD322 machine can fold a great range of paper sizes from 3 1/8" x 4" to 11 3/4" x 18" at the rate of up to 180 sheets per minute or 11,000 per hour, and can be set for custom folds, perfect for precise alignment for window envelopes. It has a recommended duty cycle (number of pieces folded) of up to 25,000 folds per month. A conveyor belt neatly stacks the paper after it is folded.

    The FD 322 has a 90 day warranty. On-site service is available at extra cost.

    If you have questions, please call us at (800) 520-6008.

    Dimensions 18" D x 38" W x 11" H
    Shipping weight ••••• 75 lbs
    Fold Types C (letter), V, Z, adjustable for Gate, Fold-Out and Double Paralell
    Speed Up to 11,000 single folds per hour
    Paper size 3.125" x 4" to 11.75" x 18"
    Paper weight 16#-28# bond, no glossy
    Sheet capacity 250 sheets of 20# bond
    Power supply 120 V, 60 Hz UL approved