• 22-24 sheet capacity / 26 gallon waste bin
  • Optical sensor starts automatically
  • Security Level: P4 (HIPAA Compliant)
  • LED Control Panel
  • Ships via freight truck
Item #: Formax-FD 8502AF
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Price: $3,105.00
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    The Formax FD 8502AF AutoFeeder Office Shredder has a capacity of up to 175 sheets up to 11" x 17" in the autofeed hopper. The Standard Hand-Feed hopper accommodates 22-24 sheets at a time with the 16" wide throat. An Optical Sensor detects the paper and starts automatically. Press start and walk away!

    It can accept staples, paper clips, and credit cards in the hand-feed throat and has a manual function for shredding small paper or films that can't be detected by the auto-sensor. Optional EvenFlotm oiling system available.

    Standard Features:

    AutoFeed Hopper has a capacity of up to 175 11.5"x 17"sheets, for hands-free operation

    Auto Start/Auto Stop: Optical sensor detects paper and starts operation automatically

    LED Control Panel with Load Indicator

    Door Safety Sensor: Motor stops automatically if cabinet door is opened

    Auto Reverse: In case of paper jam, built-in controls switch motor into reverse to clear jam

    Heat-treated steel cutters are specially ground for longevity and require minimal oil

    High Quality Geared Motor: Powerful, efficient AC geared-motor with heavy duty steel gears for high performance and minimal noise

    Extra-wide 16" hand-feed opening

    All-Metal Cabinet with casters

    Auto Sensor: Motor stops automatically when waste bin is full

    Lifetime Guaranteed Heavy-Duty Waste Bin

    Auto Cleaning: Press reverse button for 5 seconds and motor will run in reverse for 1 minute

    Oil Indicator: Control panel LED flashes to suggest oiling cutting blades for optimal performance

    Self-Diagnosis System: Records a variety of information for service technicians

    Thermal Overload Protection

    Safety Circuit Breaker ensures safe operation


    Lifetime Limited Warranty on cutting head
    1-Year Warranty on all other parts