• Heavy volume
  • 500 sheet hopper
  • Paper Size 3.5" x 5" to 11" x 17"
  • Handle glossy? No
Photo of folds for MBM 407A Tabletop Folder

Item #: MBM-408A
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Price: $4,999.00

    Heavy duty, large format folding machine. Auto setup. Folds 12 - 80# bond paper up to 11" x 17". Can perform cross fold. 500 sheet hopper.

    The MBM-408A tabletop folder has a 3 roller friction feed system, which allows for better performance with a variety of paper stock. It is pre-programmed with 6 standard folds and can store as many as 27 custom folds in memory with a one-touch memory key. Non-standard paper sizes can be stored in memory for individual processing.

    The control panel includes an LED 4-digit counter with batch and total functions.

    A test button folds 2 trial sheets for inspection. This allows the user to make sure that the folds are precisely where they need to be.

    The MBM-408A automatically senses and displays paper size. It has an extended exit tray for neat stacking of folded sheets. This helps prevent nesting of the folded sheets.

    The MBM-408A has an automatic feed table that ensures optimum feed pressure. The automatic conveyor and self-setting exit rollers ensure smooth ejection of folded paper. When using the single sheet feeding feature, the folder automatically senses for different weights of paper and remembers.

    There is an auxiliary paper guide for cross folding. For convenience, you load and unload paper from same side of the machine.

    The MBM-408A has a display alert and audible signal in case of incorrect operation. The machine also has skew and micro-adjustment dials to make your folds as precise as possible. The fold plates are fully enclosed for quiet operation as opposed to machines with exposed fold plates. A quick-release roller system allows easy maintenance.

    An optional perforator and scorer is available.

    UL and C UL approved

    Dimensions 39 3/4" D x 21 1/2" W x 19 3/4" H
    Shipping weight 76 lbs
    Fold Types 18 Preset, store up to 12 custom folds.C (letter), V, Z, Double Parallel, Gate and Engineering (Fold out)
    Speed Up to 14,400 single folds per hour
    Paper size 3.5" x 5" to 11" x 17"
    Paper weight 12 - 80# bond (No Glossy)
    Sheet capacity 500 sheets of 20# bond
    Power supply 115 V, 60 Hz UL approved