• Automated setup for 6 folds on 6 paper sizes
  • Will handle most glossy paper-(must be tested)
  • Folds 4" x 5" to 11" x 17" paper
  • Automatically adjusts for paper thickness
  • 500 Sheet hopper
  • Can perform a Cross Fold in two passes
  • CALL or EMAIL us to talk about your paper before purchase
Item #: PF-380S
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    Large format, heavy duty folding machine. Folds up to 11" x 17". 500 sheet hopper.

    The PF-380S Automatic Setup Folding Machine is one of the most capable, yet inexpensive, folding machines we have seen. We believe it is one of the best values in folding machines.

    Part of this is due to the unique Drive wheel PLUS the triple roller friction feed system with an additional feed wheel that allows it to fold much thicker or glossy stock than most machines.

    The PF-380S folds a wide variety of stocks, up to 36# bond. It adjusts in seconds for standard folds, can create custom folds and save up to 6 folds/jobs, and has a powered exit conveyor to keep the output neat.

    Automatic Set-Up Folds for 6 paper Sizes

    It has 6 pre-set folds for 6 standard paper sizes:  A3, A4, A5, Letter, Legal, and 11" x 17" (Ledger). You can also create custom folds for paper from 4" x 5" to 11" x 17". You can save up to 6 custom folds. You select them by using the arrow keys to select the paper and the fold, then push the center button to set it and fold one sample. You can fine tune the fold either on the control panel or by turning a knob at the end of the fold plate.

    The PF-380S also has variable speed control, error detection, a jam sensor (a display shows the jam location) and electronic counter. It self-adjusts to the paper thickness, eliminating the need for fold roller pressure settings. This machine is capable of folding semi-glossy paper; however, we will want to test your paper to be sure.

    Cross Folds

    The PF-380 can perform cross folds on a second pass. After folding the paper in half, you can put it through a second time to fold it from the side either in a half or triple-fold.

    For fine tuning, the machine has manual controls that allow you to set the folding pressure and paper separation.

    The PF-380S is a very capable and a versatile paper folding machine and a great value. We have spent considerable time testing this machine, and have created our own supplemental operators guide to make the folding process clear.  We will send you this guide when you purchase the machine.

    Please call if you would like to discuss your situation.  Machines are normally in stock and ship within a few days of your order.

    Dimensions 19" D x 31" W x 21" H
    Shipping weight 75 lbs
    Fold Types C (letter), V, Z, Double Parallel, Gate and Engineering (Fold out), cross-fold (2nd pass)
    Speed Up to 9,000 single folds per hour
    Paper size 4" x 5" to 11" x 17"
    Paper weight 60 to 135 gsm ( Up to 36# bond, 90# text, 50# Cover). It will handle some glossy paper. We will need to test your thick or glossy stock to make sure.
    Sheet capacity 500 sheets of 20# bond
    Power supply 120 V, 60 Hz UL approved

    Here is a link to the

    Operator's Manual.