Staplex-TBS-1.5 Electric Tabber -
  • Manual tabber
  • 1" or 1.5" tabs
  • 30-45 per minute
  • 1" roll has 5000 tabs
  • 1.5" roll has 2500 tabs
Item #: Staplex-TBS-1.5
Availability: Built when ordered - 2-3 wk lead time
Price: $1,319.50

    The Staplex Model TBS-1.5 Tabster is a manually-fed tabber which accepts white, clear or translucent tabs 1" or 1.5" in diameter.  The tabs can have perforations for easier opening. You insert the piece into the machine and a tab is instantly applied.  In tests, a fast operator can apply 30-45 tabs per minute, or easily over 2000 per hour with a 10 minute break.  We highly recommend that you use the Staplex 1" tabs designed for the machine, which come in rolls of 2500.  Other tabs may not be properly constructed.

    Tabbers are used for single and multiple page mailings and paper or plastic items up to 5/16" (50 sheets of 20# bond) that need to be held together.  For mail pieces, there are now Postal regulations governing the size, number and location of the tabs for different size pieces.  These vary by local post office.  If you are using a tabber to send a self-mailer, please take your form to your local post office for guidance before buying tabs or .  They may not accept your mail unless it complies with their requirements.


    Weight:  14 lbs.  

    Dimension:  7"w x 11.5"d x 17" h

    Capacity:  1 roll of 2500 1.5" tabs or 1 roll of 5000 1" tabs

    Tab size:  1" or 1.5" round Staplex brand recommended.  White, Clear or Translucent.  Can be perforated or not.

    To operate:  lighted on-off switch