• Hard Drive Shredder with Continuous Operation
  • Desktop and laptop drives
  • Security Level: H-6 (DIN 66399 standard)
  • LED Control Panel
Item #: Formax FD87HDS
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Price: $12,596.00
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    The Formax FD87HDS Hard Drive Shredder is the option to choose for your hard drive destruction needs.  When it's time to discard a desktop or laptop hard drive, simply put the drive into the shredder chamber and close the safety lid.  Push one button and the steel blades grind the drive into small pieces.  The LED control panel is easy to use and includes a counter to keep track of the quantity of drives destroyed.  

    This shredder now has continuous operation, one drive at a time.  You merely open the safety shield, drop in a hard drive, and close the shield. The drive will drop into the shredding chamber while you open the shield and reload.


    Cutting Style: Grinding

    Shred Size: 1.6" for desktop and 0.19" for laptop drives
    Dimension 19.68" W x 18.5" D x 35" H
    Bin Capacity: 28 gal.
    Weight: 1,102 lbs
    Security Level: H-6 (66399 standard)
    Power Supply: 220V 20/Amp 3 Phase