• Trims and Perforates the cardboard in one pass
  • Reuse the cardboard packaging you already have
  • Accepts cardboard up to 16" wide and .04" thick
  • Tabletop Unit - 23.2" W x 16.5" H x 14.2" D
  • 34 feet of cardboard per minute
  • Ships via freight truck
Item #: Formax Greenwave410
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Price: $2,696.00
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    The Greenwave 410 Cardboard Perforator is perfect solution to spending money on packing materials in your shipping department.  Whether you are a larger company or individual packing goods that you sell from home, the Greenwave 410 will save you time and money.  

    This tabletop unit fits on a table or shipping counter easily.  It has a push button operation that allows you to start, stop and reverse the machine quickly.  The Greenwave 410 perforates the cardboard and trims the excess simultaneously. The trimmed piece can also be perforated - nothing goes to waste.  What is produced is a pliable piece of wrapping material that can be used to cushion nearly any product during shipment.  It's easier to wrap around an item as it tends to stay in place as it's wrapped, more so than some types of plastic material.  The perforated cardboard also ideal to fill spaces between the box and the product.

    Features include an all-metal housing, solid steel perforating blades, rugged metal gearing, a bold-print measuring scale, rubber suction feet for stability, and side carrying handles.

    Welcome to a sustainable, green-friendly option to discard of your cardboard and use it for shipping at the same time.

    Speed:Up to 34 feet per minute
    Paper size:
    Up to 16" wide and up to 0.4" thick
    23.2” x 16.5” x 14.2” (590mm x 420mm x 360mm)
    Weight:110 lbs. (50 kg)
    Power:115V 60Hz