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  • Price includes freight, installation and 1 year onsite service if service is available at your location
  • Up to 500 envelopes per day, Max 5,000 per month
  • 2 sheet feeders, 1 insert feeder hold 100 ea. (reply card, envelope)
  • Paper Size Up to 8.5" x 14"
  • Max 1 pc. per feeder
  • Small and quiet
Photo of 3 folds of the TSI 2.5S Folder Envelope inserter

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Item #: TSI-2.5S
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    The TSI 2.5S is a low volume folder / envelope inserter that is small, quiet and very easy to use.

    It can fold and insert up to

    • 1 sheet from first feeder
    • 1 sheet from second feeder
    • 1 reply card or env. from insert feeder
    • All folded together, not separately
    • Can fold only without insertion (optional kit)



    If this machine fits your needs, it is a great deal.  It is limited to 500 envelopes per day and 5,000 per month (if you need more, please look at the TSI-4 series or the FD6210 and higher).  

    In automatic mode, you can fold and insert one sheet of paper from each of the 2 feeders, along with a reply card, envelope or folded brochure from the insert feeder. You can also fold paper without inserting. You can have it seal the envelope in the process or not. It is your choice.

    You can use either a #10 commercial envelope (tri-folded letter size or double-folded legal size) or a 6" x 9.5" envelope for half-folded letter size paper.

    The envelope you use is important. Click to see the envelope that works (fortunately, it is the most common).

    We will price match. Please see the section at the bottom of this page about price matching.

    Capacity and Speed

    The TSI 2.5S is recommended to process up to 5,000 envelopes per month at speeds of up to 22 pieces per minute. Typically it is run for no more than about 6-7 hours per month.  Processing more will wear out the machine prematurely. So think of the machine as a good way to process your checks, 1 or 2 page invoices or other docs you send out periodically.  Fold types are half and C (letter) for letter size paper and double parallel (fold in 1/2 and then in 1/2 again) for legal. You can store up to 15 programmed jobs which can then be selected at the touch of a button. If you need more, look at the more advanced models.


    Manual Feed Option

    The TSI 2.5S has a slot that allows you to manually insert up to 5 sheets of 20# bond paper (stapled or unstapled) which is then folded together and at your option, put into an envelope. You feed these sets manually, one at a time. If you need to automatically process more sheets, look at the other folder inserters. They are shown by increasing capability.


    Fold Only Kit

    If you want the 3 panels to be the exact same size (e.g. for marketing materials), the optional Tri-Fold Kit is available. The TSI-2.5S can be used as an only fold, tri-fold brochure folder without putting it in an envelope.  You put the kit on the machine when you want to fold only and take it back off when you are folding and stuffing envelopes.  


    Save Time and Money

    This is a great machine for those that need to mail one sheet documents, with the ability to add a second sheet and reply card or envelope. The quiet operation and compact desktop design of the TSI 2.5S fits any office environment. A large, color touchscreen control panel easily guides operators through setup and operation.

    If you send out more than a few hundred envelopes per month, a TSI 2.5S folder inserter will save you a lot of time and money. You can buy it via check or by using our PayPal 6 months no interest program or lease it for up to 5 years for as little as $170 a month. Call us for details.


    Buying a Folder Inserter requires samples of your stock

    We sell Intimus folder inserters. When you buy one, we want to make sure that it works with your stock. So, we require that you mail in a sample of your documents and the envelopes to test on the machine. Intimus will test and we will send you the results as approved or the changes that are needed. You are asked to complete and return a sign off before the machine will be shipped. We have been in this business for over 20 years, and this process has been very successful in making sure it works for you.

    Some problems that might occur with your stock

    1. The address is on the bottom of the page. Some checks are printed this way. This requires a bottom flap envelope. The machine expects that the address will be on top. Regular envelopes will not work.

    2. The construction of the envelope. It requires a #10 envelope with seams that angle towards the center. All corners must be rounded rather than a point. If your envelope is different, it will need to be replaced.

    3. The address does not fit in the window when the letter size paper is folded in thirds. There is very little adjustment that can be made up or down to the fold. If it does not fit, the address may need to be moved to properly appear.


    Getting your machine

    After receiving your acknowledgement of the results of the testing, your machine will be shipped. Normally it can be on site within 10 business days or less. On-site Setup and Training is included along with a one year service agreement in most parts of the country.  Please fill out a quick quote to see if the machine will meet your needs and service is available at your location. 


    Get a quick quote for the best deal. Buy or lease (to own).

    If you would like to get a quote on a folder inserter that will work for you, please fill out our

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    We will send back a quote including freight, setup, training and on-site warranty.

    Price Matching

    If you find a lower advertised competitor price for an identical folder/inserter (including shipping costs), let us know, and we will price match!  Please call us toll-free at 800-520-6008 or email us at info@paperfolder.com.

    Click to open Brochure for specifications and details  

    TSI-2.5S Brochure Cover

    TSI 2.5S User Guide