• Reuses waste cardboard to create packing material
  • Rugged Construction
  • Open Feeding Slot for cardboard or small or large width
  • Shreds 35.5 feet per minute
  • Ships on a Pallet
Item #: Intimus PacMaster S
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    The PacMaster S significantly reduces the amount of waste at your facility by turning unwanted cardboard into packing material.  It also saves money on buying packing material for your shipments.  It minimizes landfill waste by reusing an existing resource.  This shredder uses partial cuts  and perforations to create the packing cardboard material.  The end result is a stretchable netting that can be used to wrap most any items or line boxes for shipment.

    The machine can handle 1 and up to 3 layers of cardboard per pass.  This creates large volumes of packing material quickly.  The machine is easy to operate.  The feed opening is 16.75" wide, but because it is open on one side, larger sheets can be fed without the need for cutting them to size. The shredder has a rule guide, a master power switch, and a forward/reverse switch.  It is mounted on wheels, so it can be moved easily.  This link will show you the footprint of the PacMaster S.

    Click here for a brochure on what the PacMaster S can do!



    PacMaster S
    Shredding Capacity

    175 – 250 ft/hr

    2-3 layers
    Shredding Speed

    35.5 feet/minute
    Nominal Dimensions

     27" x 19" x 37"

    Weight388 lbs.