• Price normally INCLUDES freight, setup and training & 1 year service
  • Up to 3 Feeders, options include the MaxiFeeder Tray and High Capacity Feeder
  • Picture to the left shows TSI 5S on cabinet
  • Optional CIS Scanner
  • Paper Size 3.5" x 5" to 9" x 14"
  • Sheet feeder capacity 325; envelope feeder capacity 325; High Capacity 725 sheets
  • Fold types: Letter, Z, Single, Double parallel, no fold
  • 8+ pcs per envelope (6" x 9" env)
  • 50 job memory

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Intimus TSI 2.5 S Folder/Envelope Inserter

Item #: TSI-5
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    The TSI-5 is a very versatile folder / envelope inserter handling up to 40,000 envelopes per month from up to 3 feeders.

    It is quiet and very easy to use.

    Documents and inserts are

    • Pulled one at a time from each feeder
    • Collected in the bottom collator
    • Folded together (not separately) in one set
    • Inserted into an envelope 
    • The envelope is sealed (or not, at your discretion)

    Capacity and Speed

    The 5S can handle many different types of jobs from the most basic to jobs that take sheets from 2 feeders and include an insert.  It can seal the envelope or not. It is your choice. The 5S can be ordered with a bar code reader to mail invoices or statements of varying pages (programming must be done by your IT department). It can put up to 5 pieces into an envelope (8 with the Premium option).

    It can also fold paper without inserting. 

    Setting the Fold 

    You can create and store up to 50 different fold and stuff jobs using the easy to use touchscreen.  It guides you through the process of  how many to take from the each feeder, what fold to use, and whether to seal the envelope.  You can then name and save each job.  Simply, press a button to select it next time.

    TSI-4S Touchscreen Image

    Output Options

    The 5S can be ordered with either the basic output tray or a high volume stacker.  The Vertical Stacker is the most popular, chosen output option.

    Output TrayHigh Capacity Vertical Stacker



    You can use either a #10 commercial envelope (tri-folded letter size or double-folded legal size) or a 6" x 9" envelope for half-folded letter size paper.

    The envelope you use is important. Click to see the envelope that works (fortunately, it is the most common).    


    Buying a Folder Inserter

    When you buy a folder inserter, we want to make sure that it works with your stock. So, we require that you mail in samples of your documents and the envelopes you use to test on the machine. Intimus will test and send you the results as approved or the changes that are needed. You are asked to complete and return a sign off before the machine will be shipped. We have been in this business for over 20 years, and this process has been very successful in making sure it works for you.


    Some things that could be a problem

    1. The address is on the bottom of the page. Some checks are printed this way. This requires a bottom flap envelope. The machine expects that it will be on top. Regular envelopes will not work.

    2. The construction of the envelope. It requires a #10 envelope with seams that angle towards the center. All corners are rounded. If your envelope is different, it will need to be replaced.

    3. The address does not fit in the window when the letter size paper is folded in thirds. There is very little adjustment that can be made up or down to the fold. If it does not fit, it may need to be shifted to properly appear.


    Getting your machine

    After receiving your acknowledgement of the results of the testing, payment is arranged and your machine will be prepared for shipment.  Lead time varies, but normally it can be on site within 3 weeks or less. On-site setup and Training is included with a 1 year on-site parts and labor warranty.


    Get a quick quote for the best deal. Buy or lease (to own).

    If you would like to get a quote on a folder inserter that will work for you, please fill out our

    We will send back a quote including freight, setup, training and on-site warranty.

    See Brochure for specifications and details    TSI 5S Brochure