• 4 fold plate (Pharmaceutical) Folder
  • Cannot create a cross fold alone. Can as part of a Cross Fold System
  • Fold paper from 2" x 2" to 8.5" x 14"
  • Fold into very small size (1/8 of document length)
  • Large variety of possible folds

Item #: PF-PH-14
Availability: Built when ordered - 5-7 week lead time
Price: $3,799.00

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    (Product shown with optional output stacker; video shows the PH-14 in the Knife 14 Cross Fold System)

    The PaperFolder PH-14 is a 4 fold plate (aka Pharmaceutical) folding machine. It can perform 4 folds on a sheet of paper. Most machines have 2 fold plates and can only perform 2. Consequently, it can fold paper into much smaller sizes than those machines, (up to 1/8th of the length) It can also perform many more folds.

    It can fold paper into very small sizes for package inserts. It is also part of our 14" cross fold system. 

    The main reason people buy a 4 fold plate folding machine is to fold paper into smaller sizes than is possible with 2 fold plate machines. It can make 4 folds on a sheet of paper vs regular machines which can only do 2.  Here is a graphic showing the possible fan (accordion) folds that can be made by these machines.  Normal machines can only perform the first 2.

    It is called a Pharmaceutical folder because it can fold the paper that goes into the small pill packages. This machine alone can only fold the length of the paper.  It does not fold the width.  


    If you also need the width folded, you need a 2 machine cross fold system. The first machine folds along the length of the paper, and the second machine folds the width in half.

    Few machines can perform a cross fold. It requires 2 passes, with the second pass much harder to perform without jamming. FOR CROSS FOLDS, SEE OUR CROSS FOLD SYSTEMS.

    Cross folds are made when a sheet of paper is folded in one direction, and then folded again from the side. These are pictures of basic cross folds. It is folded in half or thirds and then again from the side.


    The PF-PH 14 can fold sheets of paper ranging from 2" x 2" to 8.5" x 14".  As a standalone machine, it can only fold along the length. We recommend only fan or accordion folds for inserts to make them less bulky and more readable.

    These are some of the possible fan folds showing the starting size and the ending length: Note that the width remains the same if you do not have a cross fold system which folds the folded paper in half.

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    The PH-14 solves a problem that most folding machines cannot: It can fold paper in up to 5 panels rather than a max of 3 like a letter fold, and it can fold paper as small as 2" in width.    We also carry the PH-17 that folds up to 11" x 17" paper. These machines are ideal for folding paper into small sizes to fit in small packages.  They are the first machine in our Cross Fold Systems which fold the width in half.  Please call us for more info. 

    Model:PF- PH-14 folder
    Fold speed:Max 7000 sheets/ hr
    Paper size:2" x 2" to 8.5" x 14" - B6(182x128mm) – A3(420x297mm)
    Paper weight:18# -50# bond, 35β€”120 gsm
    Paper stack capacity:300 sheets, 20# bond
    Power supply:220V, 50Hz/ 110V, 60Hz
    Dimensions:Closed: 14'D x 14"W x 12"H Operating: D 37" x W 14" x 17.5"H 
    Weight:25 Kg - 55 lbs