• Cutter, with Slitter, Perforator and Stacker options
  • Cuts and perfs one sheet at a time
  • 44 forms per minute
  • Multiple cuts and perfs on one run
Item #: Formax-FD574
Availability: Call or Email To Order
Price: $9,050.00

    This top-loading, guillotine cutter was designed to process forms generated by a digital printer. At a speed of 44 forms a minute, it still retains a tolerance of +/- .05". It accepts forms sizes from 4.17" x 4.33" up to 14.34" x 18".  Six popular paper sizes are pre-programmed, but it holds up to 100 programmable jobs.  Options include a slitter, a perforator, a belt conveyor stacker, and a stacker which increases capacity from 500 to 800 sheets.

    This unit automatically measures your sheet and sets cutting positions. The user-friendly control panel displays operation status, and it has a test; start/stop; clear/return; and menu button.

    See product brochure for more details.