Paper folding machines handle one sheet of paper at a time. Unfortunately, there are no paper folding machines that can fold multiple sheets automatically. If you need this function, you have a couple options:

Some paper folder machines offer a special slot for manually feeding multiple sheets. You drop in one set at a time. Some can take 3 - 5 sheets. The Martin Yale 1611, 1711, 1217A, 7200 & 7400 paper folders have this option.

The Martin Yale 1217A allows you to perform a fold of an already folded sheet of paper in some cases using the manual bypass feature.  For example, you can use the machine to fold one to no more than two sheets in half, and then insert the folded sheet(s) into the machine again to fold it into thirds.  You can do this with a max of two sheets to start.  This may be helpful in the case of folding monthly newsletters.

You might also consider a folder inserter (envelope stuffer) machine. These machines can collate and fold multiple sheets of paper. Normally, they would insert the set into an envelope and seal it, but you can set the machines to fold paper only. Capabilities of the machines vary. We offer them here: Folder-inserters.

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