• Manual floor model cutter
  • Max cutting width 25.1"
  • Maximum height of stack 2.7"
  • Lighted cut line
Item #: Standard-PC-64ll
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Price: $9,675.00

    The Horizon PC-64ll Cutter is a manual-operated floor model simple to use with a three-step process: set the cut size, clamp the stock, hold down the two hand knife switches.

    An illuminated cut line will help you position the cut line, and a hand crank at the front of the table operates the backgauge. With the precision backguage lead-screw, you can make a trim cut as fine as .019 inch.

    Dimensions (D x W x H)   44.1"D x 39"W x 50.1"H
    Shipping weight    640 lbs.
    Type  Electric Operation
    Cutting Width    21.5"
    Cutting Height    2.7"
    Power Supply  120V, 60 Hz; 220V 50Hz