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Standard PF-40L Air-Feed Paper Folder -
Price: $13,995.00
Availability: 10-14 days
Item #: PF-40L -

    Heavy Duty, Auto Setup, Air-Feed Paper Folder. Fold 13# Bond to 60# Cover, up to 12.6" x 24.8". 1000 Sheet Hopper.The Standard Horizon PF-40L Air Feed paper folder combines high volume suction feed capabilities with the quality you have come to expect from Horizon products. The 1000 sheet capacity top-feed system provides mark-free folding for conventional prints, and digital prints which tend to hold static. The easy-to-use push button control panel allows any users to setup for the pre-set 6...

    Standard PJ-100 Paper Jogger -
    Retail: $2,898.00
    Price: $2,608.20
    Availability: Back Order
    Item #: Standard-PJ-100 -

      The Horizon PJ-100 Jogger is a solution to statically-charged paper produced by today's digital printers. This is a floor model designed for higher productions needs and will hold a 4" height of paper in either a vertical or horizontal position. The V-shaped tray allows you to jog a cross stacked pile as well.A foot pedal switch starts and stops the jogger, and it also features a cycle down timer so that pages stay aligned when the motor stops. On castors to move to where you need it. ...

      Standard BQ-P60 Binder/Padder/Spine Taper -
      Retail: $7,695.00
      Price: $7,087.00
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: Standard-BQ-P60 -

        Desktop document binding system. Bound and spine-taped books. Rate of 180 books per hour. The Standard BQ-P60 Binder/Padder/Spine Taper desktop document binding system creates bound and spine-taped books at a rate of up to 180 books per hour, or makes a notepad up to 1" thick in less than 30 seconds.The BQ-P60 binds from 2 to 250 sheets with maximum dimensions of 12.4"L x 8.2"H. The control panel will guide you through the steps to produce each of the three binding types, wrap-around perfect...

        Standard AccuBindPro2 Document Binding System -
        Retail: $6,350.00
        Price: $5,715.00
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: Standard-AccuBind-Pro2 -

          Desktop thermal binder. Binds 5-325 sheets. 200 binds per hour.Perfect for documents such as reports, proposals or manuals, this desktop binder thermal binds each book with a linen-cloth adhesive tape that comes in 11 colors. The AccuBindPro2 binds books from 5 to 325 sheets in lengths up to 12". Performs up to 200 binds per hour.The control panel tells you what size binding strip to insert to bind each book. Simply insert the strip and it will be accurately aligned and centered on the spine...

          Standard PFP330 Automated Setup Air-Feed Folder -
          Retail: $7,050.00
          Price: $6,345.00
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: Standard-PFP330 -

            Heavy duty, automated setup, air feed folding machine. Handles 14# bond to 60# cover, including glossy paper, up to 12" x 17". 550 sheet hopper.The Standard PF-P330 automated suction-feed paper folder is a professional grade folding machine that offers quiet operation, reliable paper feed and push-button controls in a desktop model. This machine is used in copy centers, print shops and other busy offices that need auto setup and reliable volume processing (up to 20,000 daily and 400,000 per...

            Standard PFP3200 Folder -
            Retail: $6,025.00
            Price: $5,422.00
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: Standard-PFP3200 -

              Heavy duty, automated setup folding machine. Folds 13 - 70# bond up to 11" x 17". 550 sheet hopper.The Standard PF-P3200 Automatic Desktop Folder is a very good choice for offices that have many different folds or users (even novices) due to its ease of use: you load the paper, select the paper size and fold, and press start. No other adjustments. The PF-P3200 combines an easily-read LCD display, preset fold options (setup in 5 seconds!), and programmable custom folds. Great for busy offices,...

              Standard PF-P3100 Folder -
              Retail: $3,595.00
              Price: $3,252.00
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: Standard-PF-P3100 -

                Heavy duty, LED assisted, manual setup folding machine. Folds 16# bond to 80# text paper up to 11.88" x 17". 300 sheet hopper.The Standard PFP-3100 folder (formerly the PFP-310) is the folder used in all of the copy centers for Staples (over 1700), Office Max and Office Depot. It is very rugged, yet easy to use. It offers LED-assisted manual set-up, 6 preset standard folds, and four common paper sizes. You select the fold and paper size, and the LED fold position indicators highlight where to...

                Standard SPF9 Bookletmaker -
                Retail: $11,550.00
                Price: $10,395.00
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: Standard-SPF9 -

                  Automatic Bookletmaker. Paper Sizes 7.17" x 10.12" to 12.59" x 17.71".  Maximum 22 Sheet Capacity.The SPF9 Bookletmaker can work either off-line or on-line with one or more QC-S30 Collators. With a simple semi-automatic setup, you can produce booklets at speeds up to 2100 per hour.Booklet size can be up to 22 sheets of 20 lb bond or equivalent. The SPF9 can accommodate paper weights from 16 lb to 110 lb index. Rotating control knobs change sheet sizes ranging from 8.5" x 11" to 12.5" x...

                  Standard APC-M61IISB Cutter -
                  Price: $27,300.00
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: Standard-APC-M61IISB -

                    The Horizon APC-M51llSB Programmable Paper Cutter will cut paper up to 24" wide and a stack to 3.9". It uses a 5" icon-based touch screen to provide all the settings for automated setup. The work table eliminates paper marking while providing a friction-free surface for lift travel. The lift is positioned by a high-performance back gauge screw and linear raceway.A two-speed motor system positions the back gauge to ensure maximum cutting accuracy. The job memory will hold 99 jobs with 99...

                    Standard APC-45 Cutter -
                    Price: $11,550.00
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Item #: Standard-APC-45 -

                      The APC-45 Electric Paper cutter uses an automatic clamp to hold down the entire width of paper to ensure an accurate cut to a maximum width of 17.7" and height of 2.3". It can perform bleed trims on stock sizes up to 12"x18" as well. This model holds 30 programs of up to 99 steps each and has a cut cycle speed of 8 seconds.It is a floor unit, but compact in size, approximately 30x34x60. The most prominent safety feature is that it requires simultaneous two-hand operation for cutting. If one...

                      Standard Horizon PC-45 Cutter -
                      Price: $6,910.00
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Item #: Standard-PC-45 -

                        The Standard Horizon PC-45 Cutter is designed for quick printers, in-plant print shops, and binderies. The cutting knife is made of a special steel that ensures a consistently high standard of cutting quality for a prolonged period of time. The illuminated cutting line makes the cut line stand out.A floor model, it has a cutting capacity up to 17.5" wide and 2.7" high, and a cutting speed of 2.5 cuts per second. ...

                        Standard PC-64ll Cutter -
                        Price: $9,675.00
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Item #: Standard-PC-64ll -

                          The Horizon PC-64ll Cutter is a manual-operated floor model simple to use with a three-step process: set the cut size, clamp the stock, hold down the two hand knife switches.An illuminated cut line will help you position the cut line, and a hand crank at the front of the table operates the backgauge. With the precision backguage lead-screw, you can make a trim cut as fine as .019 inch.