• Heavy volume
  • 300 sheet hopper
  • Paper Size 2.5" x 4.25" to 11.8" x 17"
  • Handle glossy? No
Photo of folds of the Standard PF-P3100 Folder
Item #: Standard-PF-P3110
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Price: $3,835.00

    Heavy duty, LED assisted, manual setup folding machine. Folds 16# bond to 80# text paper up to 11.88" x 17". 300 sheet hopper.

    The Standard PFP-3110 folder is the folder used in all of the copy centers for Staples (over 1700), Office Max and Office Depot. It is very rugged, yet easy to use. It offers LED-assisted manual set-up, 6 preset standard folds, and four common paper sizes.

    You select the fold and paper size, and the LED fold position indicators highlight where to align the fold positions. It is quieter than most folding machines due to its internal fold plates. It has a conveyor for neatly stacked paper and audible beep when an error is detected. It has controls to adjust for paper skew, weight and roller pressure. It has a power save feature.

    There is a single-sheet test button to ensure folds are where you want them. Custom folds can be manually set up with help from the calibrated fold positioning guide on the Standard PF-P3110. It is NOT suitable for coated or glossy paper.

    There are three folding speeds of Quiet, Medium and High.

    Options include a crossfold guide and a cabinet with wheels.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT SHIPS BY TRUCK. Please call for a shipping quote. If you do not have a delivery dock, there is a $100.00 charge to have it delivered by a truck with a lift gate. If you want inside delivery, there will be an additional charge. Please call us.

    Dimensions 37.4" D x 21.3" W x 12.7" H
    Shipping weight 82 lbs
    Fold Types C (letter), V, Z, Double Parallel, Gate and Engineering (Fold out) Performs cross fold with optional cross fold guide
    Speed variable up to 14,400 single folds per hour
    Paper size 2.56" x 4.26" to 11.88" x 17"
    Paper weight 16# bond to 80# text. Up to 60# cover with single fold only. (No Glossy)
    Sheet capacity 300 sheets of 20# bond
    Power supply 115 V, 60 Hz UL approved