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iCrease Pro
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Price: $6,249.00
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Item #: Count iCrease-Pro -

    The iCrease PRO takes everything you like in the iCrease and adds more functions and memory. It still features touchscreen programming with intuitive paper length sensing. Just feed a sheet of paper in, and the iCrease PRO automatically calculates the length and sets the creases for the fold you select. The fold types are: letter, half, roll, gate, double-gate, double-parallel, and tri-fold. There are also 3 settings for perfect binds: no hinge, single hinge, and double hinge; and settings for...

    EZ Creaser
    Retail: $11,910.16
    Price: $10,499.00
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    Item #: EZ Creaser -

      The EZ Creaser offers a user friendly creaser with flexibility and speed. It's ideal for shops doing a multitude of jobs and who require automatic feeding. This friction fed, 18" wide unit is designed to do high-quality creasing, perforating, scoring, and optional micro-perfing; and it is easily operated by anyone in your shop. The EX Creaser's touchscreen programming makes programming and set-up easy and fast. The rotary actuated impact creasing assures accuracy, as does the...

      Accucreaser Touch -
      Retail: $15,921.41
      Price: $13,999.00
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      Item #: Accucreaser Air -

        The Count Accucreaser Air features automated distance recognition for perfect crease settings with no measuring. Walk up and start your job using one of the 11 presets.  Choose your fold type: half, tri-fold, letter, fold, roll, gate, double gate, or double parallel.  Choose your perfect bind setup: double hinge, single hinge, or no hinge. The Count Accucreaser has linear perf/score capabilities, including micro perf at up to 4 at a time. There are up to 12 crease locations...