• Electric Tabletop Cutter
  • 17" Cutting Width
  • 0.90" Cutting Height
Item #: Standard-PC-P430
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    Electric Tabletop Cutter. 17" Cutting Width. 0.90" Cutting Height.

    The PC-P430 electric paper cutter is a compact desktop model that is a good choice for replacing a manual cutter. The maximum cutting width is 17.08" with a maximum cutting height of 0.9".

    The PC-P430 offers a quick-release system that springs the back gauge out of the way to allow for trimming of sheets over 12.6 inches long, essentially allowing an unlimited length of paper to be trimmed. The cutting capacity of the PC-P430 enables the operator to cut .9" stacks of paper up to 17.08" wide. The automatic paper clamp and cutting blade make operation very user friendly.

    Other features include a side-mounted adjustment wheel for convenient setting of the back gauge paper stop, an easy-access push-out bar for easy and safe removal of cut stock from the cutting area, a disposable blade with sheath system, an illuminated cut line and safety enclosures.

    Two keys are provided so that only authorized users have access. Please see brochure for more information.

    Dimensions (D x W x H) 23.7"D x 26.6"W x 14.8"H
    Shipping weight 145.5 lbs.
    Type Electric Operation
    Cutting Width 17"
    Cutting Height 0.90" or 250 sheets
    Power Supply 115V, 60Hz